Nike Ads
Concept project with parallax effect

As the years go by, online advertisement evolves, and some brands use the power of social media platforms combined with creativity and design thinking to take the experience to another level. I have second thoughts every time I am interrupted from viewing the content on my screen. It's a love/hate relationship that can be easily defined by what I see and how I see it.

As a user, I rarely appreciate being shown an advertisement unless it is relevant to me at some level. As a designer, on the other hand, I always enjoy seeing beautiful and creative ads online, which ends up being super effective to the advertiser because I will likely end up clicking on the CTA button to either buy or learn more.


I remember when I was looking to buy new sneakers online four years ago, and after searching for them on Google, I was bombarded with all kinds of social media ads. I was so frustrated with some of them that I couldn't help myself but think of how I would improve my experience. The solution I came up with was a full-screen interactive ad with a parallax effect as the user swipes between the card on the screens that displayed some of the newest Nike sneakers.


While my solution wasn't groundbreaking or revolutionary, it proved to be very popular among designers in the Dribbble community when I shared my interactive prototype. By reading some of the comments in my work, it seemed that people shared the same frustration or had similar experiences while consuming ads online. My designs were created to drive attention to the product. I used colorful backgrounds and applied transitions to make the experience of being advertised online more fun, interactive, and less painful.

On Dribbble, this shot is by far my most liked work to date. Over time, it had more than 100,000 views, 2,000 likes, 700 saves, and dozens of rebounds. My project was published numerous times by other design platforms (such as Sketchrepo, Muzli, Designermill), blogs, and other creative communities as inspiration or interaction design trends in many parts of the world, which is a great honor.


Get the Sketch & Principle source files for free and create your own parallax animation.

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